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Rieha is a Finnish word meaning a particularly lively and cheerful event. That’s what Rieha Games strives to be about — genuinely fun experiences!

Springing from Finland, the land of a thousand lakes and game studios, Rieha’s ongoing mission is to create enduring mobile games with innovative design and engaging aesthetics.


Coming soon!

A new free mobile game from Rieha is just around the corner! The project has been cooking for a long time – hopefully all that hard work shows and continuous development will keep the game fresh and entertaining for years to come.


  • Multiplayer mode at the core of the game!
  • Solo mode, for those moments you don’t happen to feel competitive!
  • A new unique level (almost) every day! Handcrafted.
  • Many distinct level types!
  • Lots of characters and items to collect and level up (many with special traits)!
  • One handed controls and short playtime equals a dose of carefree gaming without requiring constant attention.
  • Just good times! No ways to be rude or annoying to other players.

The game is in development, so features can change and will be expanded after the release.

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iOS (2016) & Android (2017)

This quirky and unique platformer was Rieha’s debut title. The game was quite popular and reached over a million downloads in its first year.

Unfortunately Ookujira isn’t available to download anymore. It was developed using a now defunct programming language, which made maintaining the game an almost impossible ordeal. Frustrating but important lesson learned!


The game was by far most popular in China, with the US and Brazil placing second and third respectively.

Who knows, maybe one day Ookujira will once again rise from the depths of the sea, like a proper kaiju has the habit to do…

Featured by Apple in the “Best New Games” category, and what I’m especially proud of, “15 Weirdest Games” selection!

“Ookujira is completely charming.” – Cult of Mac

“Great graphics, easy controls and will keep almost anyone occupied.” – Casually Mobile

“With a unique gameplay and very nice visuals, Ookujira might be one of the games to keep you company.” – Gameplay Walkthrough